InJoy Dialer 3: Market`s most complete range of mission-critical connectivity features.

InJoy Dialer 3

InJoy Dialer adds unprecedented flexibility, intelligent automation and intuitive control to traditional modem- and ISDN-based dial-up networking. In addition to a wealth of mission-critical connectivity options, the InJoy Dialer provides modern Internet collaboration features, such as next-generation firewall security, seamless IPSec VPN integration, superior Internet gateway capability, intuitive management and complete control.

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Free The Next Generation Screensaver 3.0: Free The Next Generation Screensaver

Free The Next Generation Screensaver 3.0

Free The Next Generation Screensaver Star Trek: The Next Generation (often abbreviated to TNG) is an American science fiction television series created by Gene Roddenberry as part of the Star Trek franchise. Created about 21 years after the original Star Trek, and set in the 24th century from the year 2364 through 2370; about 80 years after the original series, the program features a new crew and a new starship Enterprise.

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InJoy Firewall 4.1: Easy, All-in-one Deep Packet Inspection Firewall/VPN with Multi-Platform Support

InJoy Firewall 4.1

Forget about old-generation and run-off-the-mill commercial firewalls. This multilayered next-generation Firewall is the FEEL-GOOD multi-purpose product you have been looking for. It readies you for the future through cutting-edge Deep Packet Inspection, unique MULTI-PLATFORM support, and IPSec VPN support. Its unparalleled network monitoring turns you into an INSTANT SECURITY PROFESSIONAL with unique real-time insight into any network activity.

network, ipsec client, email, traffic shaping, ipsec server, multi platform, ipsec, internet sharing, bandwith management, pptp, anti virus Express 1.0: The next generation spam blocker for POP3, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, and IMAP. Express 1.0 Express is the all-in-one, next generation anti-spam tool that protects you from the next generation of spams. Compatible with all versions of Windows and most E-mail clients, Express can safely and efficiently remove spam from your existing POP3, Yahoo, Hotmail, GMail, or IMAP accounts. Integrates easily with your E-mail client and logs all scanned messages allowing you to see which messages were blocked and why.

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Registry Gear Registry Gear - Windows Registry Cleaner And Optimizer. Fix Registry Errors.

Registry Gear

Registry Gear is the next generation of Windows registry cleaning and optimization tool. Using a state of the art scan engine it can give you a complete diagnosis of Windows registry, remove invalid registry entries, references and links, identify and thoroughly repair the registry errors and conflicts. Registry Gear can also tweak and optimize Windows registry to improve the performance of your Windows system, speed up your computer.

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SVArTracker 1.22: Advanced music creation tool. Next generation of trackers.

SVArTracker 1.22

Next generation of trackers. Modular virtual studio. * Compatibility with thousands of virtual instruments - can load VST, VSTi and DirectX DMO plugins. * Integrated sampler. Up to 15 typical tracker effects support. * Can import next types of song modules: IT, Impulse Tracker module XM, Fast Tracker 2 module S3M, Scream Tracker module MOD, ProTracker module MID, MIDI file and others: rmi,amf,ams,669,dbm,dmf,dsm,far,mdl, med,mt2,mtm,okt,psm,ptm,ult

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Spriteworks3D 1.0: Spriteworks3D is the next generation 3D sprite/object library.

Spriteworks3D 1.0

Spriteworks3D is the next generation 3D sprite/object library and includes a variety of 3D objects including rooms, terrain, scenes and props which can be incorporated into PC, Java, Flash or multimedia games and also used in 3D world environments, VRML and virtual reality settings. The objects in the package can also be imported into a 3D modelling program (ie; Blender) for further editing and manipulation.

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Secure Cisco Auditor 3.0: The most advanced network security software in its domain which conduct security

Secure Cisco Auditor 3.0

firewall, PIX firewall, routers and switches, as they are normally placed at the entrance and backbone of a company. If Cisco ASA firewall, PIX firewall, router or switch is compromised then most probably the entire network goes down with it. Security risks associated with Cisco ASA firewall, PIX firewall, routers and switches can be avoided by using this network security auditing software. Operator can scan single or multiple Cisco devices while

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eScan Anti Virus for SMB 11.x: eScan for SMBs provides protection against viruses

eScan Anti Virus for SMB 11.x

eScan 11 for Small and Medium Businesses has been developed focusing on the growing security needs of the SMBs. eScan 11 for SMBs provides corporate level next-generation protection to small and medium businesses from Viruses, Spyware, Spam, Phishing, Hacking, Data Theft and Zero day threats with a very low cost of ownership.

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ReaSoft Network Firewall 2.5: Corporate internet access management and total network defence solution.

ReaSoft Network Firewall 2.5

firewall policy rules, ReaSoft Network Firewall enables to configure traffic usage policy for any network objects or groups. Specificate traffic usage by limiting quotas for any convenient period. Moreover, ReaSoft Network Firewall permits to monitor the network activity. It controls the established sessions and connections, traffic usage by users and services. System and security events are available to gather information about Firewall activity

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